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Oct 10, 2020
We are once again streaming Josephine County Sheriff Dispatch and have added Oregon State Police Grants Pass Dispatch.


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Past Incident Recordings

Recordings for recent major incidents are provided below. New recordings are added as time permits.

Many recordings have silence ("dead air") removed, and therefore may not be an accurate representation of the timeline of the incident as it unfolded.

Disclaimer: Accuracy of audio is not guaranteed. Incident details may be withheld from the radio or may change after the fact. All subjects are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Use of audio transmissions for financial gain or to aid in the commission of a crime is a violation of federal law (18 U.S.C. § 2510-2522).

Date/Time Agency Details (Click to Listen)
2016-10-13 07:58:00  Grants Pass Police  Dispatched to a vehicle crashing numerous times and leaving the scene, escalated into challenging officers with a knife and a shooting.
2015-07-14 22:16:00  Grants Pass Police  Dispatched to a call of a prowler at a residence West Park Street, with the alleged prowler being shot and killed by a person at the residence.
2015-07-01 17:25:00  Oregon State Police  Traffic stop of a fugitive on I-5 near Sunny Valley with the driver failing to yield, then wrecking before being shot.
2015-05-20 00:25:00  Grants Pass Police  Dispatched to an open line 911 call turned shooting / homicide-suicide investigation at a residence on NW Sunset Drive.
2015-02-20 21:45:00  Grants Pass Police  Dispatched to a robbery with stabbing victim at the Abby's Pizza on Williams Highway.
2015-01-13 19:04:00  Oregon State Police  Dispatched to a fatal auto vs. pedestrian motor vehicle accident near the Wolf Creek General Store.
2012-05-04 04:25:00  Grants Pass Police  Dispatched to a structure fire in apartment building on NE 8th Street at A Street with PD rescuing a trapped occupant.
2012-05-03 14:12:00  Grants Pass Police  Dispatched to a bomb threat at Fire Mountain Gems.
2012-04-29 22:07:00  Josephine County Sheriff  Traffic stop on Caves Highway at Redwood Highway with driver failing to yield and ramming officer's vehicle before being shot.
2012-02-16 13:38:00  Grants Pass Police  Dispatched to a homicide (shooting) at the Shell Gasoline station on NE F Street. Suspect fled in vehicle towards Medford.
2012-02-05 21:30:00  Grants Pass Police  Dispatched to a knife fight at the Home Stretch Tavern on Fruitdale Drive.
2012-02-05 21:00:00  Josephine County Sheriff  Dispatched to a road rage turned shooting at Cloverlawn Drive and Summit Loop.
2012-02-04 21:00:00  Josephine County Sheriff  Dispatched to assist OSP at scene of a fatal accident at Williams Highway and Crystal Drive.