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Oct 10, 2020
We are once again streaming Josephine County Sheriff Dispatch and have added Oregon State Police Grants Pass Dispatch.


Listen Live:

- Grants Pass PD
- Grants Pass Fire
- JoCo Sheriff
- OSP Grants Pass
- Rural Metro Fire
- IV Fire

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AFA:   Asian Female Adult

AFJ:   Asian Female Juvenile

AMA:   1. Asian Male Adult
2. Against Medical Advice - generally used when a patient refuses treatment

AMJ:   Asian Male Juvenile


BFA:   Black Female Adult

BFJ:   Black Female Juvenile

BMA:   Black Male Adult

BMJ:   Black Male Juvenile


CAD:   Computer Aided Dispatch - A system of computer-based tools used by dispatch to track calls, unit status, ship calls and send messages to units, search the local system for subject information and warrants, etc.

Clear:   Condition of a unit either being available for calls or finishing the current call.

Code:   1. A condition, status, or disposition code (varies depending on the department you're listening to).
2. Shortened form of "Code 3" - lights and siren.

Copy:   1. Confirming that a transmission was received and acknowledged.
2. To back another patrol as a second unit.


DB:   Dead body.

DCS:   Distribution of a Controlled Substance.

Designator:   The number and letter preceeding a unit's ID number, representing the aread ("beat") being covered and the unit type.

DL:   Driver's License.

DMV:   Used when requesting or returning a Department of Motor Vehicles records request, based off of the license plate.

DOB:   Date of Birth.

DOC:   1. Department of Corrections.
2. Disorderly Conduct.

DV:   Domestic Violence.

DWS:   Driving while Suspended.


EDP:   Emotionally Disturbed Person.

EMS:   Emergency Medical Services.

EMT:   Emergency Medical Technician.

ETA:   Estimated Time of Arrival.

DOB:   Date of Birth.


FI:   Field Interview.

FLSA:   Felony Leaving the Scene of an Accident.

FST:   Field Sobriety Test.

FTA:   Failure to Appear.

FTO:   Field Training Officer.

FTOTCD:   Failure To Obey Traffic Control Device.


Green Card:   A note put on file for a specific subject requesting information from the subject, usually in the form of a field interview.

GOA:   Gone on Arrival.


HBD:   Has Been Drinking.

HFA:   Hispanic Female Adult.

HFJ:   Hispanic Female Juvenile.

HMA:   Hispanic Male Adult.

HMJ:   Hispanic Male Juvenile.


IL:   Incident Location.


JJC:   Josephine County Juvenile Justice Center.

JOINT:   JOsephine Interagency Narcotics Team. Now dispanded and replaced by RADE.



LEDS:   Oregon Law Enforcement Data System.


MDT:   Mobile Data Terminal, a device (generally a laptop computer) in patrol cars which can send data and messages from officer to dispatch, dispatch to officer, and between officers. Often used for sensitive information or to type dispositions for dispatched calls. Also referred to as an MDB (Mobile Data Box) or an MDC (Mobile Data Computer).

MIP:   Minor in Posession, an underage party in posession of alcohol or tobacco products.

MVA:   Motor Vehicle Accident.


Name Scan:   A search of systems for general information, wants, and warrants based off of name and date of birth, generally used when an ID or driver's license is unavailable.

NCIC:   National Crime Information Center, a national computerized history of criminal records, fugitive information, stolen property, and missing persons.

NFI:   No Further Information.


OD:   1. Off Duty.
2. Overdose.

ODL:   Oregon Driver's License.

OP:   Observation Post.


PBT:   Preliminary Breath Test (for alcohol).

PC:   Probable Cause.

PCS:   Posession of a Controlled Substance.

PO:   Parole Officer or Probation Officer.

Portable:   Portable (handheld) ratio.

PPS:   Post Prison Supervision.

RADE:   Rogue Area Drug Enforcement, a drug enforcement task force formed by multiple local agencies.
2. Restraining Order

RO:   1. Registered Owner (of a vehicle).
2. Restraining Order

ROV:   Restraining Order Violation.

RP:   Responsible Party (of a home, business, or property).





TA:   Traffic Accident. Can be followed with a number (TA1, TA2, TA3) to indicate the severity of the accident and level of response needed.

TC:   Traffic Collision or Traffic Crash.

Traffic:   1. Indicating that a unit is performing a traffic stop on a vehicle.
2. Radio Traffic.


UEMV:   Unlawful Entry of a Motor Vehicle.

UTL:   Unable to Locate.

UUMV:   Unlawful Use of a Motor Vehicle.


Valid:   References a valid driving status.

VBR:   Violation of the Basic Rule.


Wants:   A records request for wants, warrants (often including identification information and driving status) on one or more subjects. The records request is generally run by either driver's license or state identification card number, or by the subject's name and date of birth.

WFA:   White Female Adult.

WFJ:   White Female Juvenile.

WMA:   White Male Adult.

WMJ:   White Male Juvenile.